Explore a Beautifully Preserved Goody Steinberg in San Jose

Goody Steinberg, one of the preeminent architects of the Bay Area, worked on many different projects, but always with his signature modern style. Our own David Weinstein described him in a 2004 Chronicle piece as "a modernist without the modernist dogma." When designing homes, Steinberg often gave them low-slung profiles, sprawling gardens, and that classic Eichler-style sense of a blurred boundary between the inside and outside. Wrote Weinstein:

Gardens penetrate his houses, the same tiles and stonework are used inside and out, and living areas are open, with dramatic differences in ceiling heights and occasional sunken rooms. Where the budget allows, materials are exquisite, detailing exact. Some of his homes have Wright-styled planters and Craftsman-styled lights, designed by Steinberg.

We rarely hear about Steinberg designs hitting the market. But one shining example of the architect's style just went on the market in San Jose, and it's lovely. I'm especially fond of that big skylight, the luscious built-in paneling, and the fireplaces, but the whole thing is pretty great. Listing agent Melinda Merrion of Brooks Street Realty sent over some photos to allow for a bit of a virtual tour. Enjoy!

Photos: Ryan Ozubko