As communities turn 50 and 60, neighbors are getting together to celebrate--if they weren't already.

Courtesy of the always-hilarious Brian Narelle.

He says it's technically possible, economically viable, and an alternative to California's high-speed rail. But he's not willing to build it.

Architecture Studio includes building components and a book of concepts but no instructions. Just 137 days til Christmas.

Eichler Siding's Jeff Nichols on where it came from and how to replicate it.

The glass-and-steel icon is on the market, complete with classic car showroom.

The highlights, from organizer Otto Von Stroheim.

The iconic "M" is a self-referencing symbol for the old-style of McDonald's restaurant design.

Everybody's crazy for mid-century modern but nobody builds it -- except Escena in Palm Springs.

Neighbors in the Stanford Gardens development woke up this week to find their block short one Eichler home.