Preeminent Eichler cartoonist Brian Narelle has an alternate suggestion for homeowners tired of trying to run down leaks.

Time is running out on their Indiegogo campaign.

Our guest hostess with the mostest shares tips, insights, and a very special recipe.

In 1960, a campaigning John F. Kennedy met lifelong Democrat Joe Eichler, captured in a photo worth sharing on the anniversary of Kennedy's death.

A great Eichler-specific decorating tip courtesy of friend of the Eichler Network "Weird" Wally Fields, AKA the Eichlerholic.

Eichler cartoonist Brian Narelle introduces us to some savvy waterfowl who know what that pool on your roof is all about.

A shed in the shape of an Eichler can provide some much-needed extra square footage without the expense of dealing with City Hall.

At a lecture and informal tour by Eric Lynxwiler, of the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles.

Enjoy our basic primer for finding plans and construction information about your Eichler or MCM house.