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Abril Roofing on Able Roofing: Setting the record straight.

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Joined: Sep 19 2003

Dear former Able Roofing customers: 

Recently, several Eichler homeowners have contacted me regarding foam roofing installations performed in the past by Able Roofing of Contra Costa County, Inc. (hereafter, “Able Roofing”), license #739624. These contacts have been for the most part concerning roofing work homeowners would like corrected or enhanced. Some explanation is in order. 

Until March 1, 2003, I was one of the five officers of Able Roofing. At that time, I left Able Roofing and, with my son Richard Abril, Jr. and David Kumar, we collectively formed a new company, Abril Roofing Company. Able Roofing, Inc. continued to operate as a business with Charles Moore and the remaining officers of the corporation. An important distinction should be made here. Able Roofing Inc. did not become Abril Roofing: the two companies are separate and distinct. Abril Roofing has no responsibility for the warranties or other obligations of Able Roofing. 

Able Roofing has the legal responsibility to respond to requests regarding repairs covered under any manufacturer and installation warranty issued by Able Roofing. However, as a current member of the Eichler Network service team, Abril Roofing remains concerned about Eichler homeowners, and that concern extends to the Able Roofing customers of the past. We want to extend a helping hand to the Eichler communities, and do all that we can to show that Abril Roofing cares.  

Abril Roofing is willing to accept some – but not all – of the burden for maintaining roofs under an Able Roofing warranty that were installed by Able between 1993 and March 1, 2003. That repair support includes Abril Roofing making every effort to perform warranty work on an expedited basis at a fee rate which will be 40 percent less than the rate normally charged by Abril Roofing. The 40 percent reduction will be applicable for the duration of the time remaining on the original warranty issued by Able Roofing. 

If you would like to contact me regarding an appointment and an estimate, you may call me at 925-674-9128, or e-mail me at I will respond as soon as possible. 

Thank you. 

Richard Abril