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Tap Lite Switches?

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Joined: Jan 12 2004

Greetings, I am not an Eichler owner (certainly hope im welcome here). but my house here in N.E. ohio (east of Cleveland suburbs) is very eichler - esqe (built 1954) and im in process of restoring it. . What i need is a source for the Honeywell Tap Lite switches, that I have here and have seen in Eichler's homes. If anyone has a source for these can you please send a message? Thank you very much in advance.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

just typing 'honeywell tap lite switches' into google produced this listing on ebay:

Joined: Jan 12 2004

sadly the auction ended. and of course I hope to find some NOS (new old stock) somewhere. Thanks for the heads up tho!

much appreciated

Joined: Mar 23 2011

I know someone who has some. unfortunately, they are all single pole. Contact me directly.

Dave Peterson

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