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amputated pullout kitchen table to good home

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Joined: Oct 10 2003

Recently moved into my Eichler.

I discovered this weekend that the previous owner's garage table is probably the old pullout table from the kitchen, which was remodelled sometime in the last several decades. I am not *sure* it is the pullout table but it: 1) does only have 2 real legs, 2) have a section that pulls out the long direction, 3) has 2 extra leafs that must go onto the pullout section. and 4) is finished in a 50's style formica.

So of course it was probably brutally chopped off the kitchen counter, and it's been in the garage for decades, but if anyone is interested in it for a restoration or for parts (the leafs appear in good shape) or whatever, let me know and you can have it. email me at larryncelia-at-mindspring-dot-com.

Also, if anyone has tips for verifying if I have what I think I have, I would appreciate it. Thanks!