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BOILER HELP (making decision)

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I am new to this forum, I see that there are lots of helpful information posted. I am hoping that someone can advice me correctly.
Here is my issue:

I have a current Pensotti R-4 boiler that I am looking to get replaced because of age, plus I had problems with the low water sensor (there was no water in the boiler). The repair tech that came out said that I needed a new guage, new low water vavle, and possibly a new burner.

I started getting estimates from various companies: The prices range from $4900 to about $6500.

The current setup is, I have in-direct hot water with 2 zones. I am being quoted either a Peerless WBV-03 or a Burnham MPO 115.

My question is, which is the better boiler, what is the difference between the two, should I replace the hot water tank the same or can it wait, and finally around what price range should I be looking at just to replace a 2 zone, in-direct hot water boiler?

Any help would be GREAT!!! I am totally confused.