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doorbell transformer

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Joined: Aug 1 2003

I don't know how to find the doorbell transformer in my San Rafael Eichler. It isn't in the wall behind the original chime box in the kitchen and I can't find it in the garage where the pushbutton wiring comes into the house. Even though the chime has been replaced several times it is no longer loud enough to be heard in the bedroom. The local hardware store suggested it might be the fault of the old transformer.

Joined: Mar 21 2003

In our 1958 Sunnyvale courtyard model, the transformer is located on the junction box where the power for the radiant heat boiler comes out of the wall.

Joined: May 19 2003

Does that transformer also power the electric door release? I didn't think my San Jose Eichler had the door release (front door had been replaced and there was no obvious evidence). But when I had the glass replaced around the front door, I took the opportunity to install a door release and I discovered the wiring. The original door strike was about 3" lower than the current one. The wire (4 wire solid "ribbon cable") ran into the garage, up a stud and along a joist on the top of the atrium wall. My garage is too full of boxes to do any more exploration.

Does anyone know where the button was located?

Chuck (West San Jose)

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