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Driving by Eichler's/possible tour

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My husband and a friend are coming to the bay area this Thur., Nov. 18. on an impromtu architectural tour. They will starting out in Carmel working their way up to San Francisco. They would like to drive by and possibly tour some Eichler's in Palo Alto and elsewhere along the way. Have many subdivision names, but not many addresses to mapquest. Does anyone have addresses for Eichler neighborhoods I could mapquest off of? Sorry for short notice!


Joined: Oct 10 2003

In South palo alto:

Holly Oak / Ames / Cork Oak will get you to Los Arboles
One block north is Torreya Ct, some of his later work.
If you zoom out a bit you'll see the "circles" off Meadow. near Alma.
Greenmeadow is nearby as well, off Alma / Central Expressway

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The locations are listed even for ones in Monte Sereno, Cupertino and San Jose also I think there is some in Foster City too

Wishing for modern home.

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Thanks for all the info so far. Also wondering if anyone knows about any Cliff May homes or Quincy Jones (not Eichlers). Thanks.

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One very nice clean Eichler tract of larger, later homes is on Allison and Lennox in Sunnyvale, off Fremont Ave and close to Hwy 85. (Zip 94087)

For 58-60' style Eichlers there is another pretty orginal tract just 500 ft away from the above at Sesame/Torrington/Sheraton/etc off Hollenbeck.

The Eichlers in Palo Alto are generally older and smaller, so the above can be an interesting contrast.

Good luck.


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