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Foam+Solar+Baseboard Heat

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Joined: Dec 17 2021

   We live in a Terra Linda Eichler. We replaced the original tarpaper roof with rolled bitumen about 8 years ago and added a leased solar power system. The house had already been converted to baseboard heating so the water pipes also run up over the roof.
   Everything worked great for the first few years and the solar power still works well, but now every time we get two major storms within about a month we get drip leaks, apparently due to ponding.
   We'd like to go to a foam roof to solve the drips once and for all, and it would seem to make sense to replace the solar system at the same time.
   We contacted Dura-foam who do both foam and solar, but they said they are no longer working in the San Rafael area. Does anyone have any other suggestions or have experience working with both a roofing company and a solar company at the same time and have suggestions on that process?
   I understand that the forum rules require comments about specific companies to be sent privately.