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Free triple-mirror bathroom cabinet.

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I love the triple mirror cabinet I'd seen in some Eichler master baths and finally found one for my home. Unfortunately, it is not orignal to my tract and I found the stud/bracing behind the sinksin my model won't allow it.

It's a flat main mirror with attached side mirrors (side mirrors cover recessed narrow cabinets). One glass shelf is broken but I think it is otherwise usable (might want to respray the enamel, can't remember its condition). I was going to have plexiglass cut to replace the glass shelves but didn't do it once I realized I couldn't use it.

So, I have an original triple mirror cabinet free to a good home. My only request is if you get it and then can't use it, that you offer it free to the next owner.

(eichfan at rawbw dot com)

eichfan at rawbw dot com