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Help Identifying Thermador Oven

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I recently acquired a Thermador wall oven and range and need help identifying the oven model. I know the range is an SU-4.

Also, these are both in working condition and I'm wondering what they're worth. Any info is appreciated.


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Since no one else has replied, I'll hazard a guess. Let me say up front that I'm no expert.

The stove unit is, as you described, some version/year of SU-4. The wall oven looks to me like a late 50's version of the WO-16. There should be a model tag on it somewhere. (Possibly check on the bottom face of the oven cavity which the door closes against.) Once you have the model tag you should be able to confirm model and years of manufacture with Thermador themselves.

Out of curiosity, I once saw a never-installed set of these (white knobs) in their original shipping crates. That was in San Jose a few years back. Any chance that is what you've acquired? I always wished I'd had a use for those myself but I didn't.

As to what the stovetop/oven units are worth, it's really what someone is willing to pay for them. Both condition and demand dictate the price. I've seen sets go for free (when the owner was simply hoping not to have to haul them to the dump and pay fees) and for up to $150 when someone had been looking for a while for a matched set in working condition. Often, you find the sets uninstalled so there's a question as to whether or how well they were working prior to being uninstalled so there's a bit of risk. (Of course, if you get a never-installed set, that's not likely to be a problem. ) Note that you will have to hire an appliance installer to put these in.

Hope some of this helped.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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I actually have this built in oven, and was looking for information as to what model it is.  I am wanting to sell if, and would be happy to send photos and other details.

Thanks, Kim Spangrude

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