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Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking

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Sometimes you just have to pass on a real gem.

 The work that Michael, Anthony and staff have done for me in the past has been truly exceptional. In the most recent job, I had them remodel some elements of my original Eichler kitchen and add a small breakfast bar, which involved adding new woodwork to an existing part of the kitchen cabinetry.


I am so, so happy with what they did for me, not only is the carpentry top-notch but the work was completed in a way that is stylistically indistinguishable from the existing woodwork, right down to the finishes, which were carefully matched to the existing paint. If you walked into my home for the first time today, you would truly never tell the new from old, which was very important to me. Michael is familiar with Eichlers and has a great eye for design. You'll be in great hands.


I hope that doesn't sound too effusive, I'm not being paid to say this, I'm just a client. I'm just so delighted that I finally found a local contractor who is great to work with and who really 'gets it'.