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minor correction to CA Modern article

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Just wanted to post a minor correction to the Winter 2012 CA Modern article "Decor at the core".  A photo caption is incorrect, though the article text about my house is accurate.

On page 14 there are 3 photos of the interior of my house. The caption reads "Barry and Rosemary Brisco found original 1960s Hans Wenger chairs for their living room and a 1949 Wenger table and chairs for the dining room."

First, the furniture designers name is spelled "Wegner" (the "w" is pronounced like a "v", by the way).  

Of the two styles of chairs shown in the photo, only the one on the left is "original" or "vintage".  It is a 1960 "Papa Bear" chair, designed by Wegner, and purchased new by my parents. The other style of chair in the photo, the pair on the right, is a "Shell" chair that Wegner designed in 1963 but was never put into mass production.  In 1997 Hansen & Sons began producing it.

My dining table is not a Wegner design.  While Wegner primarily designed chairs, he did design a few tables (though none in 1949 as far as I know) but I do not own any.

My dining room chairs, which are known as the "Wishbone chair" style, were designed by Wegner in 1949 but mine are modern reproductions, they are not vintage. 

Minor inaccuracies that in no way detract from an otherwise excellent article, and yet another excellent issue!  

1959 A. Quincy Jones atrium model in The Highlands, San Mateo