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Need Advice on Foundation Work in Sunnyvale+ wiring referral

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Hi need some suggestions on repairing part of the foundation in the garage. A "curb" or shoulder on one corner of the garage has a large horizontal crack running through the middle of it and wrapping around the corner. The shoulder has vertical rebar going through and is about six inches in height (from the slab) and supports the exterior wall; so it is a load bearing part of the foundation. However, there doesn't seem to be any cracking/separation from the slab and and there doesnt' seem to be be any noticeable settling or shifting in the structure.

I had two people come by and provide very different opioihons. One said that it was just a "cold-pour": that is, it was a shoulder poured AFTER the footer and slab had been poured and cured. He said that the roof would have to be jacked up a few inches and then a new, reinfoced pour could be put in place. He said it was about $600 or so to fix. Another guy came in and said it would require installing temporary walls, cutting the footer away from the slab, and then pouring a new footer and "expoxying" it to the slab (not sure how this works with fresh concrete!!!! This seemed more reasonable (aside from the epoxy part) as I couldn't imagine having a load bearing wall on a "cold-pour." I never got a quote from this guy, but he made it sound expensive.

I am planning on replacing my tar and gravel roof (with the same) this summer; and so I wanted to make sure that I fix the foundation before I do the roof. Any suggestions/advice/recommendations on how to treat the foundation problem would be greatly appreciated.

I also want to install the telephone lines/cable/and CATV/ and sound wiring at the same time I do the roof. Again, any referrals wuold be much appreciated. Please e-mail recommendations directly to