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Need opinions on Blomberg windows.

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Joined: Sep 11 2003

We're in the midst of planning our kitchen renovation and want to replace the existing 8', three panel sliding glass window...we'd like to stay the aluminum window route...has anyone out there used Blomberg windows? What do you think of them? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Joined: Feb 24 2005

Blomberg windows are excellent. Bonelli is another fine manufacturer - tho I believe their windows are all custom. Both cost more, but in my opinion you're getting added value for the extra cost. I'm an architect, practicing in the Bay Area since 1979; I spec Blomberg whenever I can. This has become more difficult in recent years because California building code (Title 24) energy use provisions favor wood or vinyl over metal because of metal's inherently higher thermal transmission. (Those provisions dont apply if you're not adding new heated space.) I think that good quality aluminum is preferable for Eichlers from an esthetic standpoint because of its thin profile. Blomberg windows are a good choice. Good luck with your project!

Joined: May 20 2004

We looked at Blomberg for our replacement windows. Although impressed with the quality and narrow profile, the increase in cost wasn't feasible for us. The Blomberg were about 75% PRICIER than a comparable aluminum window with slightly wider profile. The installer did a great job of trimming to match and no one seems to notice the difference.
Sally h

Joined: Mar 24 2004

I got a quote for replace all the windows and doors using Blomberg brand clear anodized aluminum (silver) frames, with clear insulated glass and new screens. It is very pricy... I talked to the 2nd company from Eichler network resource, I was told that replacing to double panel may not be a good idea since summer could be very hot?
Also replacing the fixed glass panel is alsy very challenging...
This winter our bill is around $450 per month.
I hope to reduce them in the long run.
Some of the hardware of the sliding doors are not fixable.
With all these issues, I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
Would painting/chalking help? I plan to paint soon as well.

Joined: Feb 3 2005

Sorry I don't know much about windows, but why would double pane windows make the house hotter in the summer?

Joined: Mar 24 2004

One company told me that? So it is not true? This will be my first summer so I will find out.
I just want to make sure I am not going to spend lots of money for the replacement and then find out it is no good.


Joined: Mar 24 2004

Paul , here is what I learn from someone but not sure if it is true?
"if your house in sun alot yes it will be hot because of green house effect in summertime(greenhouse effect). sunlight has heat so windows will trap heat in house"
Winter is good for double panel window and doors.
So maybe it is true?
Any one?

Joined: Aug 12 2004

A bit out of context that "double pane windows make it hotter in the summer.

Different wave lengths to the types of "heat".

Double panel deals with ***AIR*** conduction of cold/heat (heat travels to cold). This is the air touching the glass pane and the air gap between'm insulates.

There is a **PLASTIC** layer, either coating on the glass or actual film between the two panes of glass, that is transparent to "light" but blocks radiant heat rays.

This is the "E" rating of the window, the plastic film between the panes.

The other aspect out of context or not mentioned is that if the house is poorly insulated walls & roof, but has double pane windows...the heat gain will be trapped "inside" the house by the double pane windows.

Again, taken out of context.

Thermal management is a "system" made up of components. Installing only "one" component can do some good, or make it worse. Depends on what/which/etc.

If upgrading the system component by component, I'd say roof insulation the best and biggest bang for the buck. Next windows. Next wall insulation (a toss up between windows and wall insulation).

Of the roofing insulation for **Eichlers**, foam my #1 choice.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

On a related note, can anyone recommend a Blomberg source in the East Bay? Palo Alto Glass seems to be it for the Bay Area, but they don't come this far out.


Joined: Oct 12 2004

Blomberg is based in Sacramento. They have a showroom in Berkeley. I can't remember the address, but if you call Blomberg directly, they will tell you.


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