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Professionals Who Have Helped Us (Sunnyvale)

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Hi, wife of PreFab here - the Eichlerite in the family. Since 2003, when we relocated here from NYC and purchased our 1973 courtyard model Claude Oakland Eichler in Sunnyvale, we have added on, repainted the exterior, replaced a bunch of siding, tweaked the electrical and redone the front yard and the (altered) courtyard. The professionals who have helped us are all great and include: M Designs (architects who designed our addition - network member), Dennis Gunner of Family Construction (builder of our addition - contact M Designs for phone), Calvert Ventures (new siding, electrical tweaks - network member), David Baynes Painting (painted our exterior which had been very neglected at one point, facia paint allowed to fail meaning it all had to be torch stripped, and now our house looks new! Phone 650-483-4624), Lois Miller Garden Design Services (designed our entire front yard and courtyard following our addition including hardscape, landscape, water, lighting. Phone 408-356-2022). A picture is worth a 1,000 words but I guess Snapshot Showroom is inactive these days? I will put my photos on (1107 Lorne Way, Sunnyvale CA 94087). Happy to chat about what we did and why we are so pleased with the folks we hired. Brook 408-234-0019.