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Joined: Oct 3 2009

Hello, we have an old thermador wo-16. We were told that the thermostat is bad, does anyone know where we can get a new thermostat. Or if there is any way to get a new oven. we cant use the newer ovens beacause they are all too wide, we would have to relace all the kitchen cabinets. Any help would be appreciated.

Joined: Oct 9 2009

I am having the exact same issue. Would really appreciate any help this board can offer. Trying to get another year or so out of this oven before we completely remodel our kitchen.

We live in San Mateo.


Joined: Mar 12 2010

Me too!! I could use a new thermostat too. Mine always heats up to 50degF higher than what the temp is set at. A repairman came out today and thought he did something to it, but he only made it so that it is 50degF lower than what it's set at. The thermostat is the most essential part I'm looking for right now.

I also have requests for a few other parts -- the timer on the right isn't working either, and the clock on the left is dead too. Anyone know how to fix those? or have the parts?

I don't even use the Preheat button anymore... because I just don't think it does what it does due to the broken thermostat.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the wall oven with all it's dials and knobs intact. Mine is missing a vital knob next to the clock on the left and I do not know what it's for. But somehow it affects the oven turning on or off. Mine looks exactly the same as the picture posted on the sidebar on this page: but it's too small to see the details.

Thanks for any help!

I live in S. Cal near Pasadena.


Joined: Apr 2 2003

You don't say if the oven you're replacing is in an island or on a wall. Options are better for one on the wall. For instance, it's easier to switch to gas if wall mounted, also easier to put in a self-cleaning model as they typically need to be vented.

Past whether it's in an island or on a wall, the next consideration is color. When I looked a few years back, you could get black or white 24" ovens from domestic manufacturers but not stainless. That might have changed now.

- If you're interested in a white or black oven, I'd start by simply searching the web for "oven, 24". You should find single- as well as double-oven models.

For example, Maytag Model CWE5800ACS is a 24" double oven electric

(Tip: by removing the drawers below my vintage single-oven Thermador, I was able to install a vintage double-oven Thermador. You might find the same with modern models.)

- If it's stainless steel you need, or if you want a potentially higher grade/higher cost oven, then Miele makes a 24" oven that I've seen in neighbors' original cabinetry.

Good luck.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

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