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TV Commercial filmed in our Marin Eichler

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A television commercial was recently shot in our Marin Eichler for Extreme Pizza. For those of you that don't know them, Extreme Pizza is a chain that is primarily on the West Coast that sells unique 'pies' with even more unique names (for instance, they have a very popular speciality chicken pizza called "Poultry Geist" which was featured in this commercial).

The commercial just finished post-production and will be aired in the near future. In the interim you can check out the commercial which captures 'tell tale' signs of an Eichler by going to:

Give the video a while to load since it takes a while to cache.

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the Windex commercial was filmed with the bird that closes the sliding glass door of an Eichler?

Wishing for modern home.

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can we assume the flying furniture was added in post-production ;) ??

Joined: Jul 21 2006

Did they use your house as is, with all your furniture and stuff, or did they bring in all their own "set"?

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