Action Central in a Box

MCM owners agree—nothing gets them up and moving faster than a vintage jukebox

When Dave and Lori Arango fill their Eichler home in Walnut Creek with music, they turn neither to their iPod nor Pandora but to an object more in keeping with their décor—‘Vinny,’ their Seeburg 100C jukebox from 1953.

In the new article ‘The Box that Rocks,’ the Eichler Network and CA-Modern magazine take a close look at the greatest jukeboxes ever produced. We meet owners of mid-century modern homes who say their lives wouldn’t be complete without a jukebox or two, and learn about the history of this devilish device, which has been blamed over the years for fomenting juvenile delinquency, and for ending it.

Dreaming about a jukebox but don’t know where to start? Read our ‘Four to adore’ side story about some of the top boxes from the mid-century era.

Nothing produced in the way of social media since gets people quite as sociable as an evening spent around a cool, colorful, glowing jukebox.

Read ‘The Box That Rocks’ here. Get the CA-Modern (winter ’12) version here.

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