All Their World's a Stage

East Bay Eichler owners turn a hobby into a joint venture staging modern real estate
Fridays On the Homefront
Eichler owners Camila Baum and Blaine Siler (pictured here) have turned their hobby collecting MCM furniture into a fledgling new business, Redux Stage Co., staging modern homes for sale. Photo: Suzanne Dunn
Fridays On the Homefront
Fridays On the Homefront
Two shots of Redux Stage Co. in action. Photos: courtesy Thomas Westfall (Alain Pinel) and Open Homes Photography (top);
Ken Fox (East Bay Modern Real Estate - above)

As Camila Baum's and Blaine Siler's respective fondness for modernist design has grown, so have their collections of furniture, art, and decor.

Baum and Siler, Eichler homeowners who reside in different Concord developments, brought together their collections and common love for MCM last October to launch Redux Stage Co., a business partnership that stages homes for sale.

Modernist homes, naturally.

"We actually bought our Eichler to house all our vintage stuff," Baum admitted somewhat sheepishly of her and husband Matt's decision to buy their present home, in the Rancho de los Santos Eichler neighborhood, in 2009.

"I accumulated a lot," she said of her hobby-turned-business, adding of Siler, "We're both collectors. We've always shopped together, and we developed a close friendship."

Siler is a finisher for custom furniture maker Berkeley Mills, and his taste in furniture, he said, is somewhat broader than his business partner's. "I think I've always been in tune with all different styles of furniture."

Alternatively, Baum's love for interior design was born of trips with her dad to the Alemany Flea Market as a child in San Francisco.

"I always was drawn to things from the '50s," she said of a style she eventually "found out was called mid-century modern."

"I was, like 22, and my dream home was already an Eichler," Baum said with a nostalgic smile. "From the moment I moved out of my mom's house, I've never lived in a contemporary setting."