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CA-Modern Sneak Preview

Little Gem with History
Also in the fall issue, we encounter a strong form in the way of a house—a circular, glass-walled, concrete house with a scalloped roof. This remarkable home was built in 1964 as a show house for the neighborhood of Niguel West, which we profile in ‘Little Gem with History.’

Niguel West, in the city of Laguna Niguel, is one of the finest and best-preserved neighborhoods of mid-century modern homes in Orange County. Its homes have Eichler-like atriums, glass walls, and strong, varied forms.

The neighborhood’s story too is compelling—as state officials at one point planned to rip the homes out just a few years after they were built!

Yet the neighborhood remains little known to outsiders. As resident Randy Hild says, Niguel West is “kind of what the Eichler neighborhoods are but without the Eichler name or the Eichler cachet.” Here’s that ‘Little Gem with History.’

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