Decorating by Design

Our new article offers fresh inspiration for interior design and top furnishing sources
(photo: Hunter Lewis Wimmer)

With spring around the corner, it’s prime time to begin planning your upcoming creative modern-home makeover.

As San Francisco interior designer Elizabeth Torbit points out in the new winter ’12 issue of our CA-Modern magazine, mid-century modern interiors can comfortably “blend old and new,” including heirloom antiques.

But that doesn’t mean anything goes if you want a home that functions well and achieves a visual flow.

Before cruising design shops, say Torbit and other designers in the article ‘Décor at the Core,’ plot out an overall design scheme—and be honest about how you and your family will live in the home. Do you need space for hobbies? And where will your children store their toys?

Modern homes take well to a variety of personal designing styles. Consider these, all pictured in ‘Décor at the Core’: a less-is-more design with an African accent, a more-is-more home filled with art, and a home that blends modern with a vintage gold velvet ottoman.

While awaiting the new issue of CA-Modern (due out next week), here’s a sneak preview of ‘Décor at the Core.’

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