East Coast Eichler Milestone

These Eichlers are real, reside in New York, and celebrate a 50th anniversary this week
New York Eichlers
New York, 50 years ago: Eichlers as headline news.

Exactly 50 years ago the New York Herald Tribune took note of a startling development in upstate New York: “California Modern Invades Rockland County.”

Joe Eichler had just built the first of what were slated to be 216 houses an hour north of the Big Apple. “If anyone is to break the stolid conservatism of house design in developments here, it is hard to think of better reformers than the Eichlers,” the Tribune wrote.

Although only three Eichlers actually got built, the homes make up a true Eichler neighborhood, appreciated by all three owners.

When “Bauhaus design freaks” Martina Brix and Carl Bayer bought their courtyard model in 2006, “It looked awful, so sad,” Carl recalls.

Doing the work themselves, the couple brought the house back to life, restoring the garden and pool, removing ugly pipes, and redoing the kitchen to its original floor plan.

Today the house sings, and people notice. Often when Martina is gardening, folks stop by to chat—and to take in a bit of the Golden State.

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