Form, Function, and Fun Tour

Local architects show off San Francisco modern in AIA’s home tour this weekend
AIA tour
On tour: Bungalow remodel by Blue Truck Studio.
(photo: Eduardo Navarro)

Folks who believe architecture should combine not just form and function but fun will get a lot out of this weekend’s 10th Annual ‘San Francisco Living: Home Tours,’ on Saturday and Sunday September 15 and 16.

The event, sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects, features ten homes you can tour on your own, five on Saturday and five on Sunday.

Sure, these are all serious designs, maximizing usable space and incorporating solar panels and sustainable materials. But several have playful elements as well.

Consider a Potrero Hill remodel by the firm SF OSL, with a sunscreen of Skatelite, a material used for skateboards, decorated with what the firm calls “a pixilated image of the street.”

And in Bernal Heights, you’ll visit a formerly decrepit bungalow redone by Blue Truck Studio with a wind-seeded green roof and a second-floor bathroom that, rather than taking up valuable interior space, cantilevers off the rear of the home like an animal’s tail.

Tour participants will also get to meet the designers. For information and tickets, call 415-362-7397, or go online.