Get Grateful for Eichler Living

Thank your lucky stars for the wonderful ways Joe's lifestyle 'spoils us' all year long
Fridays on the Homefront
WHY BE GRATEFUL #1: Most of us are spoiled by Eichler living and don't even know it. But are we grateful for it? Foster City Eichler owner Nelson Au (above) tells us he is. Here, Nelson points out favorite parts of his Eichler: the tongue-and-groove ceiling and a wall of windows leading to the atrium. Photo: Sabrina Huang

Let's keep this between us—but the Eichler lifestyle has spoiled us to death.

After all, living in an Eichler is dramatically different from living in any kind of traditional home, a fact that Eichler fans couldn't be happier about. The truth is, there's nothing like an Eichler, idiosyncrasies and all.

And exactly what is it we're supposed to be grateful for?

First off, an alarm clock is hardly necessary, thanks to the Eichler's wide expanses of window walls that allow plenty of morning sunshine to peek through. Need a breath of fresh air? Just open a sliding door; there are glass sliders everywhere.

It's also a cinch to check the weather before getting dressed. Step into the Eichler atrium to get a sense of the outdoor temperature. Open to the sky, many an atrium nicely frames a view of blue skies and towering trees; and who doesn't need a little inspiration before heading off to work?

Fridays on the Homefront
WHY BE GRATEFUL #2: swing-out breakfast table. Photo: Sabrina Huang

As residents of the Balboa Highlands Eichler tract in Granada Hills, we recently took to the streets to approach some neighbors about what they might be grateful for.

"My favorite aspect of living in an Eichler is the quality of light," says Kirsten Andersen, a 14-year resident. "The way it streams in from myriad angles, changing as the day progresses, bathing the living spaces in warmth and life."

And what else?

An Eichler kitchen will have us whipping up breakfast in no time. Hopefully, yours has retained its roomy, walk-in pantry. If you also have an original Nutone appliance center, a built-in countertop design that has stood the test of time, a blended Frappuccino can be yours in no time. Before heading off to work, check your schedule or catch up on e-mails at the convenient, swing-out breakfast table.

Is there more?

  Fridays on the Homefront
WHY BE GRATEFUL #3: globe lights an Eichler signature. Photo: David Toerge

For those of us who work from home, living in an Eichler brings together the best of both worlds. Joe Eichler's team of architects created an ultramodern indoor-outdoor home with an open floor plan that still meets today's demands, offering flexibility in arranging live/work spaces to suit every family member's needs.

"Every day I wake up grateful about living in this house," says Kiara Geller, a musician who is inspired daily by his neighborhood. "I really like the sense of community and pride everybody has in their houses, in each other's houses. I know my neighbors more because of the architecture and the history. It's like a common bond we all share."

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