Grudge that Won't Budge

CA-Modern report views NorCal vs. SoCal rivalry with a trace of Hatfield and McCoys
Grudge that Won't Budge

For decades now, people in Northern California have unashamedly, even proudly, deprecated their state mates in Southern California as uncouth and shallow, caring more about glamour than the real things in life.

Like granola.

And for those same decades, folks in the sunny south have condescendingly regarded the folks in Fog City as, well, old fogies more attuned to quaint Victoriana than to the sleek modernism of Malibu.

You see the rivalry expressed in sports, culture, the cars people drive, the makeup they wear—or don't wear.

"We think they are hippie snobs," one Southern Californian has observed. "They think we are materialistic phonies."

Or are we exaggerating? Is there really a Hatfield-and-McCoy war of words between the North and South? If you live up north, do you visit LA? Voluntarily? If you live in La-La Land, don't you feel a bit sorry for the folks in San Francisco?

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