Pumped up with Muscle Cars

400 mid-century rides fill the streets for Alameda's 'Park Street Classic Car Show'
Car Show Alameda

When actor John Milner cruised by, his beefy arm draped out of his legendary deuce coupe, everyone who watched American Graffiti could remember that same persona by another name from their own high school. You might even recall someone like the awestruck Terry the Toad, from the same movie, in his worship of John and fast cars.

Fast forward half a century and, yes, Virginia, muscle cars aren't just for the guys with muscles anymore. Come to Alameda on Saturday, October 11, and you'll see that for sure, because the Park Street Classic Car Show is a glorious celebration of the car culture that writer/director George Lucas helped launch.

"What we are frankly known for is, if you love muscle cars from the '60s—Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles—you really want to come to our show," says Robb Ratto, executive director of the Park Street Merchants Association. "We have just about anything you can imagine here."

Imagine four city blocks packed with American heavy metal, more than 400 cars and trucks, with head covers gleaming and owners strutting.

"These car owners are coming to our show because they want to show off their cars," adds Ratto. "People pass by and say 'ooh and ahh' and they say, 'You have any questions?'"

Numerous Park Street businesses will also have specials during the 21st annual celebration, which runs from 10am to 4pm and features DJs spinning mid-century rock 'n' roll at each end of the four-block-long show. Ratto said some show vehicles will also be for sale.

For more information about the free classic car show, click here.

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