Sounding the Depths - Page 6

Breaking through in the mid-century and pioneered by modern designer Harry Bertoia, the way-out world of sound sculpture and sound art is booming today

Where to Find Sound Art

Alan Licht’s ‘Sound Art.’
  • Trimpin makes frequent public appearances but, despite his technological wizardy, he has no website. He is in the phone book.
  • Audium. 1616 Bush St., San Francisco. Performances weekends.
  • The Wind Harp, owned by the city of South San Francisco, is at 500 Grandview Drive.
  • The Wave Organ can be found at the end of Yacht Road at San Francisco's Yacht Harbor.
  • Tamara Albaitis can be followed at, Oliver DiCicco at, and Zimoun at
  • Val Bertoia keeps the Bertoia tradition going at his studio in Pennsylvania, which he opens by arrangement for group tours, and at Another organization, the Harry Bertoia Research Project, can be found at
  • An excellent overview of the field is the book 'Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories' by Alan Licht (Rizzoli, 2010).

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