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Strong Cabinetry carries on 40-year tradition with a renewed focus on the Eichler market
Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network welcomes six recent additions to our roster of preferred service companies: the Shag Store (art and merchandise by Shag); Unico System (HVAC manufacturer); Aussie Roofing; Gladiator Repipe (plumbing); the Stacy Clark Group (realtors); and Strong Cabinetry. Strong Cabinetry (owners Scott (left) and Ron Strong pictured above) gets the spotlight below for this round of introductions, carrying on a 40-year tradition of producing custom cabinetry from their South Bay studio. Photo: Michael Gordon

The father-and-son team behind family-owned Strong Cabinetry wasn't exactly a new kid on the block when installing custom cabinets in Eichler homes became a big part of their business.

"At this point, we've been in business for over 40 years," says son Scott Strong. "We've changed our business name and shop locations a few times over the years, but we've been in Campbell since 2006."

Ron Strong, Scott's father, "has been around for quite a while," says Scott, and his dad "worked in his first cabinet shop in high school."

After several decades in the business, Ron began getting calls from homeowners whose homes were built around the time he entered the field of custom cabinets. Although Strong Cabinetry occasionally does other types of cabinetry, "Our bread and butter is custom cabinetry—kitchens, bathrooms, shelving, and an occasional garage," Scott says.

"We've been remodeling Eichlers for the past five or six years," Scott says. "Once we started with one, we worked on other Eichler homes. We like the clean, modern look of the cabinets." Scott knows Eichler homes well since his brother and aunt own Eichlers in San Jose's Fairglen neighborhood.

"For wood [cabinets], we see a lot of walnut and white oak in Eichlers," he says. "We've never seen a Shaker door in an Eichler—but we leave the options up to our customers."

  Fridays on the Homefront
Eichler Network's 'Home Maintenance Directory 2021'—where you'll meet more companies you can trust with your next home improvement project. For the 2021 edition, click here. Photo: Sabrina Huang

"A lot of Eichler owners like the flat-paneled style for cabinet doors," says Scott, noting that many Eichler clients prefer the Luxe and Syncron lines from Lioher for their cabinet design

"They're just very modern, very sleek, very clean," he praised. "l like all the clean lines. They can be made to look very retro."

When cabinetry is created and installed by Strong Cabinetry, "It's a three-man operation," Scott explains. That includes his dad, himself, and associate Cameron Miller.

"The three of us are all involved in everything we touch," he says, adding, "Once it goes on site, either we or a contractor will complete the installation."

While the Strongs began using computer numerical control (CNC) tools in their shop about three years ago, Scott promises "we're still very hands-on." The Strongs believe combining new technology with over 40 years of custom cabinetry experience is a sure route to a quality job.

"I think having myself and my dad working on everything is a real strength," says Scott. "It really is a good combination for getting our projects done. We're very proud of our work and the products we build."

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