Carter Sparks' Fava House Has Been Sold, Rather Cheaply

Fava House
Courtesy Justin Wood,

Astute Redfin watchers will already know this, but the Carter Sparks-designed Fava House and its accompanying acre or so of land, in the Sacramento Suburb of Fair Oaks, sold recently. I’m still working on learning what the future holds for this place, but I can at least share a bit about the sale, based on public records.

The house sold on July 5 for $230,000, a good deal less than the asking price of $279,000. The buyer lives next door, according to the Sacramento County Tax Assessor’s Office, and shares a driveway with the Fava house. I’ve heard here and there that the plan may be to raze the house and put in a swimming pool, but that’s certainly not confirmed.

The sale price of $230,000 comes after the house’s previous owner, Equity Link, bought the property at auction in February for $210,000 and deeded it to a subsidiary in March for $220,000. Not much of a profit, but then they didn’t have it very long either. The assessor’s office value’s the property at $329,407, per its website.

Anyway, the future of the Fava house is still an open question. I continue to hear from people who want to see it saved, but I haven’t heard anything from the one person who’s actually put money into the place. When and if I get more information, I’ll let you know.