Blogroll: Some Favorite Eichler DIY Sites

Black Eye
Photo courtesy of reader Mark Papamarcos, of Sunnyvale, who should start a blog of Lego Eichler models.

When it comes to Eichler coverage online, there's a whole host of people out there doing blogs for themselves, just as they're doing their own remodels, upgrades, and home projects. These Eichler DIY blogs can be great sources of information, inspiration, and entertainment.

While there are plenty of superb housing and design sites out there that often feature Eichlers, such as Retro Renovation, Redneck Modern, and even the San Francisco-based Dwell, I thought it would be fun to point out a couple great options created by individual Eichler owners.

Because people often create these sites to document a single remodel or a series of projects—which means that while they're often rendered in extensive, loving detail—they frequently stop updating once the project is over. Nonetheless, the collection below should offer some good first stops for people wanting to check out the handiwork of their peers. And we'd be thrilled if readers wanted to share their own blogs or a favorite we left off in the comments.

Dear House, I Love You: Author Karolina is a design buff who blogs about interior design at her own San Jose Eichler, as well as about projects she's done for friends, Eichler spotting in San Jose, and sometimes cooking and whatnot. A fun, informal tone and lots of good photos recommend this blog.

Destination Eichler: Karen and John maintain this blog about their Walnut Creek Eichler, which they document through their own expert photography. There's lots of information about decorating ideas as well as vintage finds from flea markets and thrift stores throughout the land.

Eichler-Blog: This in-depth home repair blog follows a couple named Mary and Andy as they upgrade their Eichler. Without much personal navel-gazing, both writers document a wide range of repairs in exhaustive detail, covering the equipment, technique, and process of everything from plumbing to painting. It hasn't been updated since last summer, which may mean they've finished, but the site is a trove of good DIY home-repair information for the Eichler owner.

Showcase for a Green Remodel: Brian and Jo-Anne lived happily in their small, 1969 Claude Oakland-designed Eichler near Los Gatos, until their family began to grow. As they realized they needed more space, they decided to expand the house by adding a second level underneath the main one, and at the same time increase the place's energy efficiency. Another good source for detailed documentation of in-depth upgrades, this blog was updated frequently from 2008 through 2012 but since has slowed its roll. Perhaps this is a good thing. Brian and Jo-Anne look like they could use a break.

Ollie Eichler Redux: For five years, this blog documented upgrades to a 1961 Eichler in the Bay Area whose owners wanted to create a "modernized example of Joe Eichler's mid-century legacy." They documented their work meticulously, from the original listing photos, through many hours of hard remodel work, to the finishing touches. It offers a good overview of the work that goes into this kind of large-scale project.

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