A Mid-Century Fairyland Motel

The Glass Slipper Inn suggests a fairytale in a mid-century modern neighborhood. Photo by Dave Weinstein

It’s far from the highest-end lodging near Stanford University – in fact, it may be the most economical – but Glass Slipper Inn is certainly the most fantastical.

Blending  swayback rooflines that suggest a medieval thatched cottage with rock-strewn walls of the sort common to mid-century modern tract homes in such places as Palm Springs, the style of the Glass Slipper can only be called Storybook Modern.

Two turrets, one topped with a gold crown, only add to the fun.

A facade of stone along El Camino Real. Photo by Dave Weinstein

Inside rooms are clean and simple, with small flat-screen TVs, and manager Anil Dhariwal says the motel attracts students and visitors to Stanford from other universities.

The room that sits beneath the grand swoop of the swayback gable was occupied during a recent visit so could not be viewed. Dhariwal says its ceiling follows the curve of the roofline and has open beams.

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