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1955 2X6 T&G Roof Decking Boards

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I have four 13.5 ft original redwood roof deck boards salvaged from a neighboring 1955 Eichler in our Garland Park (Triple El) Palo Alto neighborhood.  I also have many shorter pieces.
Is there a market for these?
I've replaced a single board. It is not difficult when the roof is off during reroofing. You use a cat's paw bar and crowbar to pull the nails on the board you want to remove and one adjacent one. You push up along the t&g joint and both boards pop up making a tent. You remove the damaged board and push it back down on the beams and renail it. I eliminated the 'hole through the roof' for the ceiling exhaust fan while my roofers were on their lunch break. The foreman doubted it could be done, especially by a home owner.