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Able Roofing, Noise Solutions: Setting the Record Straight..

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We have noticed a number of recent inquiries on the Chatterbox regarding Able Roofing and Noise Solutions. As many of you already know, neither of these companies is a part of the Eichler Network service team any longer. After receiving several complaints against Able Roofing in early summer 2003, followed by a report of a suspended license from the State License Board, we issued a termination notification to them in late summer. At that time, we cancelled the remainder of their advertising. Since then, despite a number of follow-up calls to Able’s office, and to the cell phones of the owners, we have heard no response from them. We also have received no explanation to account for their lapses, which came as a sudden turnaround after several years of frequent communication, quality roof installations, and reasonably good customer support. As for Noise Solutions, we became aware of several lapses, including a license violation via the License Board, by fall 2003. After giving them a period to rectify their issues (which remained unresolved), we opted to cancel their advertising and not renew their affiliation for 2004. It was reported to us in mid-February 2004 that Noise solutions has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The operation status of Able Roofing remains uncertain to us.

It is no secret that the Eichler Network strives to maintain high standards with the companies it recruits and maintains on its service team roster. Recently we added an additional requirement to that set of standards, requiring all companies (including current ones) to be screened by and become members of the Better Business Bureau. However, what we have learned over the years is that there is no guarantee that a rock-solid, high-performance company today will continue to function as that same kind of company even a year down the road. Many variables can come into play to eventually erode their future performance and once-admirable qualities.

While we have little control over the management, cash flow, and behavior of any company other than our own, we remain vigilant to monitor performances and demand high standards from the companies we allow to participate in our network. If and when companies are unable or unwilling to meet our level of standards, we do not hesitate to make the necessary changes, as we have done before, to ensure our reputation and that of the other companies in our network, and the level of quality and customer satisfaction we expect for our homeowners.

As always, we strongly encourage Eichler owners, before hiring any service and goods providers (even those that are currently part of the Eichler Network team), to do a bit of homework. Make an evaluation of the prospective company’s current status and level of performance and customer service through the resources at hand -- such as the BBB, State License Board, the service company’s reference list, and the Eichler Network office. For the record, the Eichler Network has no documented complaints on file on any companies from its current roster of service companies that have not been resolved or that at least show significant strides towards immediate resolution. Nonetheless we remain vigilant, dedicated, and concerned.

-- Marty Arbunich, Eichler Network Director