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Anyone have a rainwater drain in the back yard?

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I live in a Fairmeadow Eichler in Palo Alto. In my back yard in a concrete patio pad immediately under a corner roof drain pipe (not a piped one, it's at the far edge of the roof, the type that most folks attach a chain to to stop the water splashing) is a 2" approx hole in the ground. Looking carefully there are traces of a brass fitting, a small line of brass almost completely worn down on one side and a small locking nub on the opposite side.

I think this must have been a rainwater drain at some point, I think the remnants of those fittings were probably for a small leave guard.

My plumber (who I asked to try and snake it) disagress, arguing it is probably just a hole for one of those rotating clothes lines.

Anyone else have one of these? I like my plumber but he's one of those guys who seems to be always looking for reasons not to start work =)

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Our concrete patio has a black plastic drain tube directly under that output that feeds the water run off under the patio to some (unknown) location.  While not brass, it is directly under the spout.  I find it somewhat unlikely that a clothesline pole hole would be located in a place that would have rainwater dumping down onto the pole...  My $.02

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