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Anyone used Advance Climate Seal for their roof?

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Joined: Aug 29 2007

Hi - new here - although been in our T.O. Eichler for 8 years (I may have actually been registered long, long ago...)

We are looking at a new roof and came across Advance Climate Seal company for roofing.

Seems interesting - and it is foam - but apparently no need to pull off the old roof - the product they use supposedly seals all leaks and hardens. The cost is about 1/2 of anything we've seen.

Send feedback directly to: millerde AT

Joined: Aug 8 2007

hi, i'm researching for a foam roof as well and came across them too.

i did correspond with matt @ advanced climate- he gave an estimate ( via viewing roof by satellite) but they've only been in business for a 2-3 years.

i'd also be very interested to talk with anyone who've worked with this company. Send feedback difrectly to: yusun09 AT

Joined: Aug 29 2007

Matt is who we have been talking to as well.

But we are also talking with Richard Pence from American Polytech Roofing Systems, Inc. I really like him, and he's been around forever.

I'm waiting for his quote and hope to start with one of these contractors within the month.

Joined: Jul 6 2006

I'll be curious to hear how this product works. Please keep us posted if you do indeed use it. Thanks.

Joined: Apr 20 2006

I checked the Ca License Board records. Sure the company mentioned second has been around since 2001, but the person in charge (the Owner?) became responsible for the company May 30, 2007. ‘Nice Guy’ means very little when what you really need is an outfit that can give you a ‘Nice Roof’. You can’t tell from talking, or even observing a crew. A healthy track record is the only safe way to tell. Shame on me: I use the term ‘guy’ in error. The company mentioned first has been licensed since January 2007 and has two ‘non-guys’ female names listed on the license. This is new.

I’m still learning; The Los Angeles Contractor that I have been recommending for years really has been doing foam roofs forever, ( since 1977 ) four years longer than my company. I checked their record and found that for some reason they started anew in 2001, letting the old license expire. I think the son took over from his father….but I did not know about this until I checked “CSLB CA” (google) and entered their name or license number.
Fill out the ‘Request for a New Foam Roof’ on our website and I will forward your info to a company with a good history in your area.

Joined: Oct 7 2007

The best method of determining whether an urethane foam roofer offers professional service and quality product is to call numerous references from their prior projects. Do not take the word of a referral foam company who not only isn't located in the S CA area, but who may or may not be receiving a commission from the company they are referring. Instead, demand 6-10 references from the foam installer... and call them all. Any company that doesn't offer real people to speak to who have had their foam roofs installed by the company in question doesn't deserve your business. Stay safe and be smart. Talk to the people just like you... Always speak to unbiased prior customers. Another great way to find content about a company is to do a 'boolean' search on Google.

Matt from Advanced Climate Seal Systems

Joined: Apr 20 2006

How NOT to Find a GOOD Roofing Company
1. Speak to 6-10 ‘carefully selected’ people who may not even be a real customer. A company is only as good as it’s WORST job. These jobs are NOT on any reference list. The WORST jobs are the ones that put foam companies out of business. As little as 1 out of 50 ‘unsolvable’ problems stack up. The time and money spent on a few problems put otherwise good people out of business.

About 30 of our Bay Area foam roof competitors have started and gone out of business in the last 27 years. I have seen reference lists that included: relatives, accountants and material suppliers. One large bad job was secured by a great recommendation from a large foam manufacturer….who was owed delinquent payments.

Does certification from Diamond Certified or Value-Star mean anything ?
To qualify, companies typically provide 400 of their most recent customers. They are interviewed until they have responses from 100. Most companies cannot pass this kind of scrutiny. I think 85% customers rating as ‘superior’ is required. If I needed to spend a million dollars with a contractor, I would not go through this much effort.

A decades-long Track Record is the only safe way to pick a foam roofer. Foam roofing is very technical. Roofers are not usually very technically able. The foam is not so much installed as MANUFACTURED in place, right on the roof. The material (a petroleum product) is very expensive and very unforgiving. There really is nothing like a good foam roof.

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