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Exterior light and doorbell

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We are starting our project which includes siding/beam replacement and re-routing the electrical. I have a few items that I still need to find before my electrician does his work:

LIGHT: We need to find a light to install outside the front door. The existing light is a non-eichler type replacement put in some years back. Any suggestions?

DOORBELL: We currently do not have a doorbell. We think the original was removed during previous electrical repair and non eichler siding installation which we are now replacing. We found the end of the doorbell wiring inside the kitchen and assume the wiring is still where the original ringer was in the wall...we'll find out soon. Either way, what are some current options for a doorbell? Should I go with wireless? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can e-mail recommendations directly to: carmagi AT Thanks so much!!

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I have one of these...

I purchased red to match our front door. The light is pretty bright at night, guests will have no problem finding it.

Good luck,

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lighting: i found a great thread which has some good links, too.

doorbell: you'll likely have a 4-wire flat brown cable which was used for both the thermostat and doorbell wiring. it ran over the roof originally and it might be damaged from the years of abuse (ours was). we ended up running a new wire inside the garage walls (from doorbell to the transformer). you should look for your transformer as well (it should be exposed) as traditional doorbells need not just the chime, but the transformer as well. the "repairman" might've removed the transformer, though. it will look like this.

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I installed an original Eichler 10" globe light in my entry.
Looks great and has the right look and feel for the house.

Castro Valley

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Thanks Nick, red and Margaret for the excellent ideas and sources. Now I just need to decide...

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