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Anyone used Sierra Spray Foam for a roof?

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This Elderly woman was badly taken..thin coating on foam roof
Great Warranty / Non Existent Company
I found the video from '7 On Your Side'  They finally got 'someone' to put on more coating between winter storms.  Will this fix the roof when the foam has turned to dust under the too-thin coating?

Here is the video and article

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We contracted with Sierra Spray Foam in 2006. After they got their deposit in early summer we were told the roof would be put on within a few weeks. Months of phone calls later (about once a week), they still hadn't come out and the rainy season got closer every day. They finally showed up and installed the roof with new flashing along the eaves and over the atrium beams. The roof itself looked okay (at least to my inexperienced eye). However, the flashing along the eaves extends too far down and doesn't match up where a new piece starts; it looks shoddy. They foamed over the brick sides of the chimney even though we asked them explicitly not to. The 3" downspouts (to which we had admittedly agreed to) look hokey and are installed shoddily. Every rainy season, the roof looses a lot of the little stones they used on top of the white paint (presumably, so birds don't peck at the foam).

Then a few years later, I noticed stains on the undersides of the eaves. The flashing along the eaves had not been sealed properly and were leaking. I called in June 2011 to have this fixed and was told our house was put on their repair guy's list and they would come out soon. I kept on calling every other week as a reminder to get this done before the rainy season and their repair guy finally showed up in October (after the first rain). He said he'd never been told about our address until a day before he came out. I have to say that he was very nice and gave us his cell phone in case something comes up again so we don't have to call the office.

We also paid extra for a 15-year warranty. At this rate, I doubt we'll be able to take advantage of it.

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