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Joined: Feb 6 2005

Have lived for 2 years in San Jose Eichler - would love to own or have a copy of original architectural plans from our model and configuration. Need help getting my hands on a copy.
Anyone out there have any leeds on the SJ PLANS?

Thanks for the help.


Joined: Mar 22 2003

Some are sold through this site, though ours, unfortunately, is not among them. We are in WG on Fairlawn in a courtyard model and were lucky enough to get an e copy of the plans from a neighbor. Can you tell us what floorplan you have? It is the same as ours, I'll send you a copy.


Joined: Apr 2 2003

Just to clarify--you can likely get floorplans from a neighbor (including posters to this board). If you are looking for blueprints, they are much harder to come by, depending on the architect.

Have you been able to identify the model number and/or architect for your home? This might be available on a building permit located in your garage, for instance. If not, try to describe it (flat top vs. peaked roof, atrium vs. courtyard, etc.) and maybe we can help you narrow it down.

If it is an Oakland, or Ashen & Allen, you can check the Blueprint depot on this site and perhaps they are available for sale--they were running about $ 300 a couple of years back, don't know what they are now. If it is a Jones & Emmons model, you might be out of luck as the plans were privately held.

Good luck.


P.S. Cathye, were you talking about getting a copy of the floorplans from me or were you actually lucky enough to get a set of blueprints?

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Hi Jake:

I was talking about the floorplans we got from you. We have not been able to locate blueprints and I doubt if we ever will. We were so lucky that you happend to have the floorplan for our house and shared them with us!


Joined: Apr 14 2004

Hi. I have no idea which floor plan and achitecture firm is associated with our Terra Linda Eichler, but would love to know. I don't see any building permits in the garage. How else might I get a floor plan? Our house is a four bedroom, 1800+ square foot model built in 1955 with a flat roof, courtyard, 10 ft ceilings in the middle section of what basically forms a small "h". Does this ring any bells for anybody who knows?

Thanks for any info.


Joined: Mar 3 2005

Claude Oakland designed a number of Eichler homes. His partner in the firm was a gentleman named Kinji Imada who studied Architecture at Yale.
The name of the firm in it's latter years was Okland & Imda. Mr. Imada retired a number of years ago. In his generosity he donated SIGNIFICANT Eichler material to U.C. Berkeley. The university is to set up the Eichler Archives. I do not know how far they progressed in this vein. I would suggest you contact the school of Architecture at Cal and inquire as to access to documents. Remember they are government employees and may be vague or uninformed on the subject so it may take some effort to find someone knowledgeable about the archives.

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