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Neighborhood Association help needed!

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I live in a midcentury neighborhood here in portland, oregon and we're facing some issues with new homeowners that are wanting to remodel by adding a second floor and also subdividing their property to allow a new home to be built. This new construction does not fit with the character of the rest of the neighborhood as there are mainly one story houses and when their lot is divided it will decrease the oversized lot space that is common with this area. People in the neighborhood are wanting to create some suggested guidelines for new homeowners in the area.

Does anyone know of any midcentury neighborhood associations that have a website with guidelines on it or someone that I can e-mail that can send me something for reference?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

Chances are, you already have an association. Check your CC&Rs. They are probably not being enforced.

I suggest you check out the current stories about Terra Linda and San Mateo, published in the last couple of Eichler Network Newsletters. The "What's Cookin" section of this site mentions something about a Palo Alto tract and San Mateo...

here's a bit from Barry Brisco's site on preservation

here are some active associations. try contacting these folks for additional info...

Ranch San Miguel. Try posting there

San Mateo Highlands


Lucas Valley

Arapahoe Acres (colorado)

Joined: Sep 13 2004

we do have an association, that's who i'm working with....but they don't have any guidelines set in place for new homeowners.

thanks for the links and suggestions!

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also, go to link number 6 on the EN web site list

It's a design guide put together by the city of Cupertino for Fairgrove.

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perfect, that's exactly the type of thing i'm looking for! if anyone knows of any non-eichler specific guidelines as well that would be even better.

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I live in Terra Linda,an Eichler neighborhood in San Rafael, Ca. We were recently successful in having the City of San Rafael ban 2nd story additions. Success was primarily a result of the Trust Deeds particular to each house. In Terra Linda the trust deeds state you can not add a second story. The City building code had no such provision. The planning commission came to the decision that a code which mirrors the trust deed was a logical approach and incorporated the trust deed provisions into city code. Another BIG help was the stong and vocal turnout at various planning meetings by Eichler homeowners that supported the ban.

Check the trust deeds for the homes. Legally the CC&R's are agreements between neighbors that require the assiatance of a lawyer to enforce but if the ban is in the trust deed you have a leg up. Good luck.

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