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Asbestos Tile Removal in Foster City

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I own an Eichler built in 1964 in Foster City. I just discovered that the original tiles are loose, broken, and in some cases missing in the hallway closets and the closets in three of the four bedrooms. I can also see that there is tile under the bedroom carpets but have not pulled it back completely and didn't see any damaged tiles.

I would appreciate any recommendations on asbestos abatement contractors/firms.

I have read all of the posts on this board about asbestos tiles. I'm very concerned about the removal itself raising the risk to our family but because of the condition of the tiles I don't think there is any other option.

Thank you in advance

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I just read your post regarding floor tiles. I live in Foster City in an eichler built in 1964. I had the floor tiles tested in 2006 at EMSL labs in Emeryville. The report came back that said the tiles were 2% Chrysotile Asbestos.

Did you ever get any other responses to your post?

Joe Beckner

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living in a home with asbestos tiles is not a risk. removing them professional for extended periods is. just look in your yellow pages and get bids. prices range considerably. this type of work happens all the time and is not "Eichler specific".

I was going to DIY my tile removal, but became too difficult to remove. so I have to hire pros. some houses they all pop right up, mine didn't. 1240 sqft house cost me about $3,000 4 years ago. I had bids for $7K. State of California has guidelines for DIY removal if your bids are too high for your budget.

in your closet areas, carefully sweep up any dust, broken tiles, and wet mop the floor. I do believe a general laborer can be used for small areas (like a bedroom and closets) rather than an asbestos abatement company. do check California DIY rules.

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Thanks for the info. I have had two lab tests to confirm. I am just going to have the new carpet laid in over the tiles. The checking I have done under the old carpet shows that the old tiles are still intact and securely glued. After doing some research I think it is better just to leave them alone because the real danger comes when they are removed, through scrapping, breaking up etc. I am going to have the carpet installers reuse the existing carpet tack strips so we don't run any risks when removing the old tack strips and nailing new ones in. Home Depot's contractor is doing the carpet install. I'm not sure what they are going to say when I tell them about the tiles.

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I've changed my mind after further investigation. The original floor tiles in my 1964 Foster City Eichler contain 2% Asbestos which is a health hazard. During installation of the new carpet they will need to remove the carpet tack strips and nail down new ones. This process will disturb the Asbestos fibers embedded in the floor tiles, releasing some into the air. The fibers are microscopic and once release could remain in the air for a long time.

I am going to have a couple estimates done by Certified Asbestos removal firms. Then I will have the pad and carpet installed directly over the concrete slab right after they are done.

By the way, if anyone is interested, the carpet pad I am having installed from Home Depot is a soy based product with a low R value (low insulation) which makes it superior for radiant heat floors since it will absorb less heat than other pads.

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