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Atriums and Vedic architecture

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I just read a magazine article about Vedic architecture. It would seem that the Eichler atrium does indeed have a very karmic function:

"Vedic homes ... contain a Brahmasthan, or a silent central core, which literally translates into "establish wholeness." [It] is not at the home's entrance, as some might assume, but rather at its center, acting as the home's axis, to harmonize with the universal laws of nature."

Totally describes an atrium, doesnt it? So cool, I never knew Eichler, Jones, or Emmons were into those Eastern philosophies :)

There's a link to the article & some more quotes from it, at my blog:

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Thank you for such a lovely contribution.
I feel just that way about my atrium.

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Geez, and I just thought they'd designed the atrium so that dogs would have someplace to hang out where they could watch the whole house at once.

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