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Joined: Apr 30 2005

I believe my home in Danville is an Eichler...but I can't be sure. Built in the middle 1950's it has all the obvious characteristics. Is their someway to authenticate it?

Joined: Jun 28 2003

Since Eichler was a developer, I doubt your home is actually one of his. It may however been designed by the same architects, Anshen and Allen, Jones and Emmons, or Claude of Oakland.

Yours had to be one of the very first homes in Danville sounds like you have a fantastic maybe one of a kind post modern home in a great town.

Rancho San Miguel, Walnut Creek

Joined: Apr 2 2003

Sometimes you will find an old building permit posted in the garage--mine was about 4 x 6 and stapled to an exposed stud. Worth checking.

Otherwise, you might want to check the permit history at your local building department. If I recall, my building department had permits back to the initial one to build and that indicated Eichler Homes as the applicant.

Beyond that, you can sometimes tell by the characteristics but a lot of builders had similar influences and design details. (And, as Jeff points out, it might have been designed by the Eichler architects but built by someone else). I'm no expert, but in a 50's Eichler, I would expect to see:
- phillipine mahogany walls
- lots of floor to ceiling glass in the main areas with minimal framing in redwood
- solid redwood tongue and groove ceilings (originally stained)
- large painted Douglas fir beams and posts
- sliding cabinet doors, and shoji-style sliding closet doors.

Good luck.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: Dec 14 2003

Could it be one of the custom houses that were built in the 60s?

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