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Automatic Opener for Garage Door

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Joined: Jan 20 2004

Does anyone know or has anyone tried to tranverse mount a regular garge door opener to work with the original eichler garage doors?

Joined: Mar 21 2003
Joined: Feb 6 2004

I've done it, too. Just used 2 standard Craftsman door openers and some clever blocking to attach the openers to the doors. Used a 4x4 mounted on the outside door (note, this means the doors cannot slide past each other any more) and some old bookshelf supports on the inside door, where I needed to run the track about 10" from the door in order to avoid the other opener track.

And I also swapped the transmitter and receiver of the safety beam on one of the doors so that one beam goes from left to right and the other goes from right to left.

This was all about 10 years ago. Since then, I've replaced all of the original Stanley sliding cars with brand new box rail handers from National that run beautifully in the original Stanley tracks.


Joined: Feb 19 2004

I've done it, and there are some Pro's and Con's to the equation.

One, the Garage Door Openers, although made in America from simple Hardware, are Heavy Pieces of Equipment, and they don't want to stay up
and want to come down.

Two, they were made for the conventional type of Garage Door.

Three, It is difficult to open your Garage Door if you get locked out,
because How Many of You, carry your Garage Door Opener around in your pocket? Not too many right?, and you've just locked yourself out of the Garage again for the 15th time!

Four, the Clutches go out on these things,
and when thet do it's hard to get parts.

Five, when these things finally do go out,
your stuck with about 150 pounds of junk
that could easily kill someone.

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