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Bamboo floor: To glue or not to glue, that is the question

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I am planning to have solid bamboo floor installed (5/8" Eastern Elegance vertical natural color) bamboo) over a concrete slab. I do have a working radiant heat system.

I have heard conflicting opinions from different floor vendors and installers on whether to have the planks glued down (solid bamboo or floated (engineered bamboo).

I am polling the eichler community on those who have experiences with either type of installation and what is the recommendated way.

The current installer is planning to put down a coat of Titebond 531 moisture barrier prep first. Then apply a Sika adhesive to glue down the planks.

From my research thus far, it seems that Bostik's Best is a more popular adhesive to use. Anyone have experience with using Sika?

The cost is $8.50 per square foot installed, not including prep work and baseboard molding. Does this seem like a reasonable price.

Do you have a recommended surplier/installer that I can talk that you would recommend.


Decided to float it using engineered bamboo


- J

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I used solid plank, hand-scraped bamboo from iFLOOR and it is floated. The only glue used was between the planks. They just laid out a thin foam moisture barrier over the concrete slab and then the bamboo over that. I do not have radiant heat in my Eichler as the boiler was taken out a few decades ago. The cost was about $9.85 a sq ft installed w/o baseboards.

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