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Joined: Oct 22 2003

Does anyone know where to find angled bathroom sink fixtures which fit the angled sinks of our late 60s Eichler?


Joined: May 15 2003

I'm looking for these, too and I need them in a hurry. Otherwise, so the plumber says, I will have to get a new sink. And all just because of a leaking faucet. Evidently, something is stripped and cannot be repaired so a new faucet is required.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

what do these 'angled' sinks look like ? I found a source for the rectangular porcelain-and-steel sinks used in the 50's, but you might be talking about somthing completely different.

Joined: Apr 2 2003

I think the original post was regarding faucets vs. sinks.

But I'll comment on both. I got a sink from and Eichler owner in Sunnyvale (I think) that had tri-horn faucet handles (not sure how else to describe them). The sink and faucets were made by Eljer. I don't think they make them anymore so you would likely have to get them from another Eichler owner.

I also recall seeing a couple of Eichler bathrooms with hexagonal sinks. Since my original metal rimmed sink had been replaced by a previous owner with one of these, I assumed these were also later updates. But perhaps that's not correct? The hexagonal sink the previous owner of my home used was a Kohler. I located a PDF of the specs for the sink I mean at:

Hope that helps.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: May 15 2003

My sink is oval shaped with a rim that is angled all the way around. The faucet and the turn-on handles are attached to/inserted through the top of the sink on the angled rim (vintage 1968).

But I have wonderful news to report - I called another plumber today who took the hot water turn-on handle off and showed me the round connection inside which was stripped and causing the leak. He said it was very old and corroded and that they didn't make the kind any more. However, he was able to pry it out and replace it with a newer version, then put the handle back on and my leak is fixed! It took him only a few minutes. Being a plumbing illiterate, I'm at the mercy of the plumber. Today's plumber had been plumbing for many years and trained in Russia. The previous plumber who said the leak could not be fixed, the fixtures were no longer available, and I would need to buy a new sink was a young kid.
End of story.

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