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Beam Replacement

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We need to replace two exterior beams and repair another two. These beams extend from the outside wall of the garage, under the covered carport and end at another exterior wall. The last 4 feet of each beam is completely exposed and they really are in TERRIBLE condition. One is attached to the wall by just a few inches of rotted wood. We knew when purchasing the home these would need to be replaced.

We also intend to install new Eichler siding and figured it would be best to do all at once.

We had one gentlemen check them out but I would really like to have someone experienced with Eichlers. I have the new Eichler Network Home Maintenance Directory and do plan on calling a few of the specialists mentioned. Before doing so, I want to find out if anyone else has had to replace a beam (or two). If so, any advice? Any recommendations to do the work, based on your experience, would be appreciated. Email is in my profile if you have specific vendors to recommend.

We live on the peninsula. Thanks!

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I got a "Stop Work" For Replacinq 5ft of BEAM that is soley decorative

the cost of the fines and etc. added up to $1600.

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Hi Carmagi,

I'm wondering if you completed your beam and siding replacement and how it went? We need to do the same and am wondering if you could share some insights (cost, how you would've done things differently, etc.).

Thank you.


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