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New radiant heat

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Joined: Jun 30 2003

We're considering replacing our original radiant heat as part of an upcoming remodel. I'm told this means stripping the floor down to the slab, laying new radiant heating pipe and pouring 1.5" of concrete on that, thus raising the floor by that much.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone through this process--pros and cons. My wife is concerned about losing the 1.5"; I suspect we won't notice it after a month.
Any experiences with this appreciated.

Joined: Feb 1 2008

the eichler ceiling at our place is 8 ft. we are planning to put in a new radiant heat , before moving in after remodeling. One Eichler specialist only use copper heating with boiler , est$30000 for 2200s f. he recommend 2 inch cement over existing slab which may cost another $7000. just need to find the right contractor and may beable to do it for less.
just ck online who can sell the whole pex tubing and instructions etc for $3500. they recommend a polaris water heater which is less expensive etc more efficient and runs at 120 degree F. So we just need to find a person who can do side jobs for the radiant heat company to it installed. The kit is set up for do it yourself. I would do it myself except my wife did not like the idea. Hopefully it will cost half as much.


Joined: May 8 2003

My neighbor did just that. They laid need pipping and covered it up w/ 1.5" of some special concrete. No one in the house is over 6' tall and they were ok w/ 1.5" of additional floor height.

Joined: Jun 26 2003

When adding the extra concrete, be sure you can still remove your built-in appliances afterwards (such as dishwasher). Often there's no extra space to remove/insert/repair one. Extra concrete can effectively box it in. We're having to remove the countertop to remove and replace the dishwasher because of a small amount of leveling concrete + floating floor in the kitchen.....

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