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Beebee gun bullet hole

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Joined: Jun 3 2004

Someone had the bad idea to shoot a hole in one of our large windows facing the backyard with a beebee gun.

Can such holes be repaired somehow with reasonable looks, or would I need to buy a new window?
Does anyone have experience with using the home insurance to cover for a replacement, costs?


Joined: Apr 2 2003

Bad luck. But, as my mom would say, better the window than somebody's eye... I also had an incident with a poorly shielded root grinder shot a stone through the transom above a sliding door and spewed small slivers of glass the entire length of the room.

I'm no expert, but I'd guess on your window there are miniscule fractures radiating from the hole that you can't see. Unless your large windows are tempered glass (which most pre-1970 weren't), the fractured glass is a disaster waiting to happen. I'd highly recommend having a glass company in to board it up until replacement can be arranged.

In regards to your insurance, unless you've had house claims in the past, I wouldn't think they'd do much to your premiums on the basis of one incident. *Provided* of course, the BBgun owner and operator were not your family or a neighbor. Also, check your policy for any limitations on glass coverage--some policies have this.

Assuming these are windows original to your Eichler, I'm guessing the cost of the replacmemnt pane could run $ 500 to $1,000 depending on where you live and whether you go with single tempered or dual-pane tempered. Be sure to get estimates from a company that will replace the pane with a frameless unit to keep the look of your windows consistent.

I'm sure others will have additional/better comments,but thought I'd answer so you could start planning.


P.S. Insurers have been known to increase rates on the basis of an inquiry, even if a claim is not made--don't know how common this is, but has written about in the newspaper. If this is a concern for you, you might want to consider getting non-policy specific info via public phone (or manually block the call ?*67?, if you are calling a local number--doesn't work for 8XX calls). Your local grocery chain or Starbucks likely have a public phone nearby.

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: May 20 2004

our dog bashed into one of our pre 1970 windows the first night in the was a 6 ft x 6 ft single pane untempered.

Replacement cost with a dual pane, tempered panel was estimated around 1000-1100.

Insurance deductable would have been 1000.

FYI the larger the window, the greater the cost. Exponentially...

Joined: Jun 28 2003

It might be a little late know, but we made sure our agent set our glass deductable at zero. We realized living a house of glass it would happen sooner or later.

Joined: Oct 10 2003

I know you can get repair kits for car windows at the hardware store / auto parts store for 'filling in' small cracks & dings in your windsheild. Depending on the size of the bb hole, this might be something to try.

It might be too late for this particular pane, but you can install film on the glass to make it into pseudo safety glass. At least one firm advertises on this site, last time i checked.

Joined: Jan 30 2004

The other option is to do nothing! There was a BB shot hole in one of our large windows (approx 6 by 8 feet) when we bought our home 27 years ago. It is in an inconspicuous spot , so we just live with far so good!

Louise Kehoe Arnold

Joined: Mar 20 2003

We had to replace a 9x6 pane of glass after an unfortunate accident with a lawnmower. the cost was $800 for single pane replacement. Luckily, we opted for the glass deductible waiver in our homeowner's policy....

Joined: Mar 2 2004

If your window has no cracks around the damage, you might try the windshield repair kit from an auto parts store. Auto insurance companies sometimes do this for free on auto glass. Adam and Jarom in our office have both used these kits with fair success. I think you fill the divot with clear plastic, then use a razor blade to cut the surface smooth. A chip from a rock almost disappears. The kits are around five dollars.

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